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Story of Hope

The story of Hope Embers began several years ago when I asked God to give me a new name. I believe that we all have a God given name and purpose. In the Bible we see several instances of God changing names of individuals, Abraham, Sarah, Israel, Peter, and Paul to name a few. I wanted to know mine. That request took me on a path that no one could have predicted given my apparent hopeless situation.

My life story is full of interesting twists and turns. My life seemed hopeless to put it bluntly. But During a time period of about 18 months, I went on a journey with God that changed the course of my life. The journey showed me the hope that God can bring into situations that seem like a lost cause. 

Today, much of that journey influences my worldview of how to interact with others, and my belief that there is always hope, if you can just hold on and keep pressing. 

Though I have a very strong faith of my own, I do not bring it into sessions unless it is requested. I respect all individuals' rights to choose what and how to believe. 

I have a passion for what I do, and I have a passion to pass on what I have learned to the next generations of therapists. It is my hope and dream to bring on interns and therapists who are just beginning to start their own journey in this field. 

Michele Kenney

Published Work and Interviews

My Book

Dancing Through Life with Christ is an easy read book about how to find an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. It started out as a project to teach about trust, victory, and God's power, but life happened in a big way as I began to write it. It ended up being about our pain and brokenness in the midst of life storms and questions.

                       Podcast Interview

I was honored to be a guest on the podcast "I'm ​not in an abusive relationship. The mission of the podcast is to educate the community on how to identify abuse, support those who are in abusive relationships, educate what is abuse, and help those who want to get out of abuse. I was the guest for #64, and written work I had done around my abuse was played for #70. Click on the buttons to learn a little more about me and the work I have done in my own healing journey.


 My focus of study has been on biological healing through creating self awareness. Awareness is the beginning of change, curiosity perpetuates on the journey through change. Honesty gets us where we need to go.

I believe we are mind body and spirit. We live in a society that is incredibly disconnected from the body, and mostly disregards the spirit. Healing comes as we find our way back home, home to the authentic self




Though I am very much a believer in Christ, I am respectful to all individuals and their belief system. I bring in my faith for those who want it brought in, and I leave it out for those who do not want to bring it into the sessions. 









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